A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

7 billion years passed and sun depleted its supply of hydrogen and helium. It becoming red giant. Sun swalowed mercury venus and now earth. You have to escape exploding sun. Travel across solar system and explore planets. Rewind time  by collecting orbs. Orbs rewind sun explosion and gives fuel for your spaceship. Let the journey begin!

• 6 Unique levels(6 panets to visit)

• A LOT of particles explosions

• Cartoony artstyle

• Physics based


SunGoesBOOM.7z 22 MB
SunGoesBOOM mac.7z 25 MB


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Hi. I played your game and included it in a video. It was fun, and I did not find any issues. :D If you want to cut your game out of the video, let me know. However, if you like the video, I make similar videos every day. I will be happy if you subscribe. Anyway, I enjoyed playing your game.


w8ting it on android

just get a computer


I really enjoyed this, great job!


No you cant just explode the sun

haha sun goes BOOM

hell yeah! :D


I like the aesthetic, as well as the music.  Really nice UI as well!

Thanks :)